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Suncoast Little Learners

Suncoast Little Learners is a kindergarten, long daycare centre at Suncoast Christian College in Woombye, Queensland.

Our Early Learning Philosophy

Our pedagogy and teaching decisions embrace a play-based approach to inspire a child’s natural curiosity to learn. We acknowledge that children are full of curiosity about themselves, their environment and the world they live in.

We advocate for children to question and reflect on their own ideas as well as those around them and to take risks where they become in a sense, the catalyst of their own curriculum.

If you’re asking… “what are some great preschool kindergartens near me?” then consider Suncoast Little Learners – where we allow children to be children To explore and learn about their world and themselves through play which is intentionally organised to promote further thinking and analysis.

Discover Beach Kindy

Discover the wonderful opportunities Suncoast Little Learners have at the Beach

Early learner child with teddy bear at Suncoast Little Leaners, Woombye


 Our Christ-centred approach to care and learning means that your child will be loved, valued and respected. We are blessed with a mix of mature and younger teachers all of whom have a genuine love for early learners.

Learning Indigenous at Suncoast Little Learners


We are located within the Suncoast Christian College community with direct access to the many facilities of big school! Library, sporting facilities (and PE trainers), computer lab, Bush Kindy, veggie patch and more

Pirate Adventure at Suncoast Little Learners Treehouse


Whimsical, outdoor play, mud pies, castle construction, tricycle races, strawberry picking, creating a masterpiece with sequins and cereal boxes and discovering new life as our ducklings hatch – all a part of typical Little Learner’s day.

Little Stories

Stories of love, learning and adventure at Little Learners

Little Toy Stories

Little Toy Stories

Engineered with empathyRecently, Year 9 Design Tech students from our school completed an assessment task that required them to design and build toys for our Pre-Kindy students. On an earlier visit, the Year 9 students consulted with the Pre-Kindy students to assess...

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Little Sports Stars

Little Sports Stars

Little Learners Sports DaySuncoast Little Learners enjoying high jump, javelin throw, bean bag throw, obstacle course,  hoops and loops, long-jump, foxtail throws, hurdles, sack races, sprint relays.[dss_masonry_gallery...

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Little Wildlings

Little Wildlings

Marshmallows & DamperOur Little Learners were blessed with a visit from Wildlings Forest School - who shared a range of #bushkindy activities; campfire, marshmallow roasting, damper making, and fire awareness and safety. A fantastic day and thanks to Nicki and her...

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