Bush Kindy Sunshine Coast

Pioneered by Suncoast Little Learners, Bush Kindy is an innovative program where our Little Learners explore the bush, squelch in the mud, chase lizards, build cubbie houses and create pretend fireplaces.
Bush Kindy Suncoast Little Learners

Benefits of Bush Kindy

The children are not cooped up in sterile, indoor daycare rooms
They can explore and have adventure
Children collect goodies from the forest for bush craft
Opportunity to learn about the environment - animals, insects
Learn about bush safety and how to engage with nature
Truly.. it's the highlight of the childrens' week
Bush Kindy Suncoast Little Learners

How it began

Bush Kindy grew out of our regular trips to the College Bush Chapel, where the children would have morning tea. We then realised how much the children loved the adventure, the bush, the mud and the insects. Now Bush Kindy is the thing the children look forward to most at Little Learners

Bush Kindy Explorers

Where is Bush Kindy?

We don't have to travel far because Suncoast Little Learners is located in the heart of Suncoast Christian College and extensive native bushland within the College grounds.

 No excursions, additional costs or special transport arrangements - just a short stroll for the children as once they have filled their back packs and make their way through the College grounds and down to the forest.
Bush Kindy Suncoast

Is it safe to go bush?

Since the Sunshine Coast can get quite warm, we only run the program cooler months.
The program remains safely within the bounds of acceptable risk management
Teacher to child ratios are maintained at all times
Children are monitored at all times


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