Busy Little Bees

Pollinating learning

Busy bee learning

Our Little Learners  have been busy recently with their hands on approach to learning taking the shape of a quest to create some colour in their very own vegetable garden. Thanks to a parent in the Suncoast community, they were able to enlist the help of some bees.

Centre Director, Fernanda Skinner, said “When we created our vegetable garden we wanted to encourage bees to pollinate the flowers, but we knew that European bees would not be safe for our Little Learners”.

“Then one of our parents, Mr Adam Russell – who is a native bee enthusiast – suggested that we setup a native (non-stinging) bee hive in our garden and he kindly donated two wooden beehive boxes to get us started.”

Mr Russell comments: “Native bees are a great way to teach kids about pollination, the environment and I know they are safe. I have four children at Suncoast and love the idea that they can experience the environment from such a young age.”

After several month of careful cultivation, Little Learners opened the native beehive to reveal thousands of bees, busily building their nest and making honey.

Mrs Skinner comments: “This week, our Little Learners will be harvesting some of the native honey, taste testing and even perhaps making a honey sandwich or two.”

The future of Suncoast Little Learners looks busy and bright for the garden as well as the students on their journey of education and development.

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