Little lizards

Solar, the bearded dragon visits

Flat out like a lizard drinking

The children at Suncoast Little Learners are extremely excited to introduce their friend, “Solar” the bearded dragon. Solar made her grand entrance this week and the children have been learning so much about her. Today they had some very insightful conversations with Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. Skinner.  Our Little Learners commented:

  • “That Lizards are a little bit real as God made them” Karen
  • “She sits under the light so she can see” Kayla
  • “Solar feels like a spikey plant” Oliver
  • “She eats crickets and cockroaches” Ephraim

Today the children watched Solar have her first bath. Learning that she absorbs water through her skin rather than drinking it through her mouth and the children were intrigued to see this happen right before their little eyes. If we could all see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything.

Here at Suncoast Little Learners our hands on learning approach exposes the children to connect with nature and diversity through their outdoor experiences.


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