Little Olympics

A swashbuckling tale of Adventure

A little research on the Olmpics

We have been learning about the Olympic Games at Kindy this term.  We researched the different sporting events, the countries that take part and we looked at the Olympic flag as well as the many different flags from around the world.

We enjoyed watching the different sports on the computer and then trying some of them out for ourselves. We were especially good at long jump. We watched a medal ceremony and then we made our very own gold medals. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting into the Olympic spirit at Kindy.  Go team Australia.

Islah – “Doing that it was hard, cos it twisted.” (Javelin)
Mikayla – “I throwed the javelin, it go flying through the air.  Islah did the biggest throw.”
Tallulah – “I can’t go to the Olympics because I’m too little.”
Jameson – “I’m jumping so high.” (Long Jump)
Evie – “I was doing a big jump.”

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