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Bread Tags for Wheelchairs

Suncoast Little Learners Kindy students have, since 2020, been collecting plastic bread tags that are recycled for use in manufacturing wheelchairs as part of our community and sustainability program. We liked the idea of protecting the environment while helping others – so

About Bread Tags for Wheelchairs

Mary Honeybun started Bread Tags for Wheelchairs in South Africa in 2006. Retiring from nursing, she wanted to help others and was also passionate about the environment. Mary was aware that the majority of people in need of wheelchairs in South Africa were unable to afford to buy their own. She came up with the idea of recycling plastic to raise funds to purchase wheelchairs and, early in 2020, funded their 800th wheelchair!

Since September 2019, Aussie Breadtags for Wheelchairs has been registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

While still primarily funding wheelchairs in South Africa, by mid-2021, they had sufficient funds through recycling and donations to spread our focus wider. Since then They have funded ten wheelchairs for children in other countries through a collaboration with Wheelchairs for Kids in WA and helped fund an expedition to assist disabled people in Papua New Guinea through Motivation Australia

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