A little teamwork

Teaching children the value of working together

Teamwork Rocks!

When children are young, they are learning sponges. Every new experience, every word they learn, every behaviour they adopt, is an investment in a more fruitful future.  You can never have a greater impression on a person than when they are in their early childhood years.

Early childhood education is about honing and molding the holistic child, which will eventually form the basis of their lifelong journey.   Demonstrating and instilling the importance of teamwork can teach respect for the opinions of others, listening, co-operation and equality.|

Many Kindy activities are centred around teamwork for this very reason.  A person who learns how to work in a team at an early age will ultimately be more socially attuned and more employable.

At Little Learners, we encourage teamwork and we see how this skill is developing every day in the following areas.

  • Teamwork in the Bush – building an amazing cubby house
  • Teamwork in the Sandpit with Miss Kelly
  • It was hard work and all those guys helped – Ephraim
  • It was very deep. All the sand made a hill. It was very, very hard work – Kaelyn
  • We all made a humongous hole – Asher
  • We dug a ginormous hole, it was hard work – Harrison
  • It was easy peasy cause we worked together – Perry
  • Teamwork in the Classroom
  • Teamwork in the Garden – helping to plant new seedlings in our veggie patch

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